Colored Potting Gravel 3lbs - Black Pearl or Salmon

This is a listing for 3 pounds of potting lovely gravel. This will be shipped priority mail and should be in your hands in less than a week from your date of purchase!!

**We recommend ordering 2 weeks in advance for our collections..or 3 weeks in advance if you have special requests/special orders. You should receive your order within 10 days of purchase. You are always welcome to order earlier to secure the pricing...just mark the date of your wedding and the date that you want to receive the plants in the NOTE TO THE SELLER section.  

Customer Reviews

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Black Pearl Gravel

Loooove this gravel! Using it for some of my other cuttings to prevent them from sitting directly in water and using it just as a topper in some other plants. It looks great. The only downside was the packaging :( when i opened it (which I was very careful about considering) the bag actually had a small rip in it and I did notice until 1/4 of the bag was on the floor from it spreading bigger when I picked it up not noticing. Also it was in a zip lock bag with clear masking tape all the way around so there was no way to open it without creating additional rips hence losing more. The quality is great though and I'm planning to buy more, hope its packaged a little better next time!

Looks great!

The black pearl is very nice & has some little flecks of colored pieces mixed in. It looks lovely in the small succulent pots.

Perfect for top dressing!

This gravel is really cute in succulent displays, it's the perfect size for small containers, or to use as drainage for a terrarium. I love it!

Natural and cute

I ordered the black gravel and so far I love it. The rocks are extremely tiny, so they look best in a smaller vessel. An assortment of black and grey, tan, red, and white rocks make this top dressing look really natural, tidy, and super cute. I'll be ordering the salmon color soon!

Excellent especially for small plants/pots

The gravel size is as small as pictured, which is great for more petite plants and pots. Other sellers falsely advertise small pebble size but this company delivered!