Succulents can SUNBURN!

Believe it or not, succulents can sunburn - even indoors! These are pictures of 5 succulents that were left in their box for just ONE DAY in direct sunlight.

We compare succulents to a fair skinned human. You do not want to put either in direct sunlight all day without protection. The succulents need to be acclimated to direct sunlight. Do not put your succulents in direct sun if you order these for an event. Keep them in indirect sunlight. You can plant the succulents in the sun with these general guidelines.

Plant outdoors during the spring when the sun is not at it's hottest.
Give them morning or late afternoon sun with shade during the day.
Keep an eye on them after planting to see if they look sunburned.
Rosettes are a bit more fragile as they have a larger surface area.

You need to adapt these guidelines based on where you live, how much natural light you have available, the pot and soil you are using.