My Succulents fell out of their containers!

My Succulents fell out of their containers!

We ship 1000's of succulents out, all over the country, every week of the year!

We package them carefully, we put Fragile and This Side Up stickers on the sides and top, yet boxes can still get thrown, rolled, kicked, punched, smashed in corners, and delivered to your doorstep upside down!  Small boxes get mishandled worse.  But of the 1000's we ship out weekly, 99.9% of them will still arrive undamaged with the worse being some soil getting displaced.  (please see our FAQ on what to do when a rare plant gets damaged, we stand by our product and want all of our customers to be happy).  We try and ship on the dry side to save on your shipping costs and to keep the moisture level down in dark boxes.  Regardless though, soil can get displaced during shipping, and it's a possibility with every order that you may have to actually touch some soil.  If this scares you, get some courage or ask a friend to help!  It's really simple to fix, the pictures here will show a worse case scenario, if you need extra soil, any type from anywhere will work on smaller containers, 2", 2.5" and 4" etc.

So here we go.

This is what they look like when we put in the box. succ

This is what can happen if your box is used for a post office game of football! succ

Pinch up some soil and fill approx. 1/3 of the container. succ

Place succulent into the container. succ

Add more soil as needed to fill in open areas.

Get some water whether in a cup, sink, or hose.  succ

Gently rinse off plants while wetting the soil down in container. succ


If needed, you can gently tap soil down w/ finger or pencil etc.

Done!  They look as they did prior to shipping, give them some good lighting per our FAQ, and they are ready to enjoy! succ

This literally only took a few minutes!

Don't hesitate to ask us questions!


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