Same Succulents, Different Lighting, Different Colors

Same succulents, different lighting, different colors.  Succulents can look differently under different lighting.  People do too!

Sometimes we get emails saying they requested some purple, blue or green hues but there plants have none. 

We always do our very best with rosette color requests based on our stock available the day they ship out, but first and foremost we want to send out the healthiest plants available while also considering their color requests.  If blues are looking poorly that day or week, we won't ship them!

But back to color....Here's a group of four succulents, all photographed within minutes of each other, inside our home, and outside as well.  Notice how hues can change.  Natural lighting can bring out purples where they are washed out in the inside pictures.  Even indoor lighting can be different, some are bright while some bulbs are softer.

So when you first open your box, please remember your succulents have most likely just spent the past 2,3,4,5 days plus in a dark box, traveling across the state and or the country.   Often succulents will gain back some color once in proper lighting again!  Please follow our Care instructions on watering , pinching soil back into containers if necessary, and remember your lighting, and how all lighting is not the same. 


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