Succulents come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and today I came across a new purple  rosette I haven’t seen before!  A popular succulent for weddings and events are the rosette style cuttings.  Rosette shaped means flower shape, not limited to a color or specific flower shape, just  flower shapes in general.

Within this realm, our rosettes take on a number of beautiful and intersting shapes.  Some rosettes are tight and thin, others thick and spaced apart.  Others have round cylindrical petals, while others look perfectly symettrical.  Regardless, they are all beautiful and can be creatively used in so many different ways.  Bootoneers, corsages, wedding centerpieces, cake and table decor, party and gift favors, you name it, succulents can enhance any wedding or event.

Here is a gorgeous example of some rosette cuttings we sell on our Etsy site  If you have any questions regarding succulent cuttings for use in Weddings, don’t hesitate to email us

Thanks for looking!