It’s October 1st and the past week or two there have been literally hundreds and hundreds of giant San Pedro Flower blooms going on all over our property and nursery. Some plants have 4,5, 6 plus flowers, others only one, but regardless, it’s a beautiful sight!  The bees are buzzing like crazy, some flowers have a handful of bees rolling around inside!  Hummingbirds checking ‘em out, they really are quite amazing.  After the flower dries up, you are hopefully left with a seedpod within a tasty smaller fruit.

We offer San Pedros For Sale as potted and rooted specimens as well as 12″ cuts ready for you to root on your own.  You can email us at if you have any questions or would like to order larger amounts. We also sell their longer spined cousin Bridgesii as well as other beautiful blooming large cactus.

At our other site we sell a variety of succulents and cactus as well, check us out if you’d like to see some cool listings.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions,  cheers!

Pachanoi (san pedro)Trichocereus