San Pedro Cactus potted & rooted w/pup For Sale.

Nice and healthy San Pedro Cactus for sale.  We have rooted and potted plants, many with pups, some are already producing flowers, ready for purchase.  Generally between $27-32 each, sizes ranging from 12″ up to low 20″s in heighth.  If you want taller specimens, contact us, we have lots of potted Trichocereus cactus.  Cousins too, Big Macs, Bridgesii etc.  If you have never seen a San Pedro bloom, you haven’t seen a real flower!  Yopu should get about a foot of growth a year, new pups forming etc.  These guys are ready to be planted into the ground or into a nice new pot/container.

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Pachanoi (san pedro)Trichocereus