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*Choose the Winter Heat Pack option if you live in a cold area the next few months, we are not responsible for frozen plants!

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Jennifer Brinkley J.B. Jennifer B.
Succulent of the Month Club

I received my order promptly as promised and I was please with the variety. The plants arrived very dry with dirt on the leaves due to the dryness and spilling in the box. I watered the plants and the leaves begin to fall off one of the plants. One plant has died. Any suggestions as to what went wrong? I did examine the roots of the plant and the roots looked fine. I am rating 3 stars because of losing one plant and the leaves falling off of another. I am looking forward to the next shipment of healthy plants.

Joanne Derr J.D. Joanne D.
Succulents of the Month Club

I have received 2 shipments of the Succulents of the Month. I am delighted with the variety of the plants and how healthy they are. I'm excited to see what comes with the next delivery. This is a wonderful way to add variety to my succulent garden. Thank you.

Valerie Repetto V.R. Valerie R.

The product is beautiful and so healthy. Always shipped right on time.

Pam Meyers P.M. Pam M.
The beginning of the month means new succulents.

Healthy little succulents. Arrived quickly and in great shape.They are a great addition to my collection. Thanks.

Elmer Merithew E.M. Elmer M.
Nice plants

I was satisfied with the plants that I have received so far.

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