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Rooted and Potted healthy San Pedro Pachanoi Cactus similar to ones shown in pictures.  FREE Shipping is included in all purchases of these SP potted cactus!

Healthy and ready for a new home in a larger container, many of these have already bloomed their beautiful giant flowers, a great chance to get an established San Pedro!  

We always try and ship the largest nicest cactus available, in the winter, growth slows down and sizes may be shorter than in warmer months when they really pick up their growth.  6-12" of growth each year is common, sometimes even more if they are super happy.  See our different options below.

Double potted range from 8-12" but sometimes they can be slightly less or taller, we always try to send biggest first, spring and summer they start growing again so likely to be taller then.  You can always email for specific ?

If ordering during late spring and throughout summer, you may still get a flower bloom or 2!

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