Trichocereus Assorted Potted Ornamental Cactus

Size: 12-15 inch
Sale price$ 35.00


Please see our current EXACT cactus for these types.

Rooted and Potted healthy Trichocereus Ornamental Collector Cactus similar to ones shown in pictures. 

Healthy and ready for a new home in a larger container, many of these have already bloomed their beautiful giant flowers, a great chance to get an established San Pedro for your collection!  

We always try and ship the largest nicest cactus available, but in the winter, growth slows down and sizes may be shorter than in warmer months when they really pick up their growth.  6-12" of growth each year is common, sometimes even more if they are super happy.  See our different options below.

Double potted currently range from 6-12" but sometimes they can be slightly less or taller, we always try to send biggest first, in spring and summer they start growing again so likely to be taller then.  You can always email for specific height?

Monstrose Form: These are all grown from stock monstrose cacti, they can vary in the amount of bumps,ribs,deformations etc. and some of them may also form into crests.  Sometimes it takes a year or two for them to begin showing monstrose forms.  Great additions to any cacti collection!

If ordering during late spring and throughout summer, you may still get a flower bloom or 2!

Many trichocereus produce the most giant, beautiful and fragrant flowers imaginable, the reason I began collecting them many years ago! Absolutely stunning and equal to any flower out there!  Bees, hummingbirds and many other critters love them!!

The grouping pictures show a variety of Trichs growing among some of it’s cousins, a few of which we also sell. They are awesome plants, whether in pots or planted as ornamental landscape specimens.

Pictures also show how a cactus can have misc. scratches, scars etc. towards the base but new growth and new pups will eventually hide and lower marks.  Occasionally a tip may have some marks, these too will eventually move down the side with new growth being blemish free.

 We grow our cacti in full sun, partial sun, and complete shade, as well as in different soil types on our multi acre properties. We use Fertilizers and Pesticides responsibly and per County guidelines.   We also partner with other nurseries that do the same.

Please read our FAQ on How to Root your Cuttings if you decide to propagate your ornamental cactus!


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Customer Reviews

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Sondra R.
Great purchase

I recently moved and none of my cacti survived. The Succulent store was not only able to help me replace the Trichocerus, but also gave me a lot of advice on how to keep my plants alive. It is a pleasure to do business here.

The plant arrived rapidly, well packaged, and it was as described. What more can I ask for? It was a great experience.

Daniel J.

Showed up fast and in great condition.

Love it

Arrived in great condition. Has already grown 3 inches in a month! Buying more today

Sasha B.
Love it!!

I have bought from this company before and always get quality plants! They came within a week and in excellent condition. As always, thank you!

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