Succulent Cuff Corsage Bracelet - Live

Amber will be unavailable to make or deliver this SEPT 24 - OCT 1. Please do not purchase if you need the items for these days thank you!

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***Disclaimer: "All succulent wedding arrangements including bouquets, bouts, corsages, hair combs, crowns etc. are outsourced to our awesome floral partner Amber, at Amber's Studio. We do not create these items but we can vouch for her amazing work!"

All orders are customized! Email AFTER you order to discuss options.

Wear this cool and unique live succulent cuff corsage bracelet at your wedding or any special event when you want to make a statement! Will look amazing for weeks. After wearing, you can take the succulents off and plant them to enjoy for years to come.

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Shaylin Johnson S.J. Shaylin J.
Succulent corsage

It's so beautiful and unique! No body else at my prom had one, I loved it! Except it was very fragile & broke before I even got to the dance ):

We are so glad you loved the succulent cuff. Thank you for ordering it for your prom. You do need to be a bit more careful than with a standard corsage but anything that comes off of it can be replanted. :)
Merianne Cowley M.C. Merianne C.

We ordered the cuff bracelet for my daughter to wear to prom. It was beautiful and very different from what everyone else had.

Thank you for ordering the cuff bracelet and bout for your daughter's prom. We love different. She looked beautiful!!!!
Lottie Miller L.M. Lottie M.
Mom's birthday surprise!

Loved it!!

We are so glad your mom loved her succulent cuff bracelet. What a great birthday surprise! Thank you for your order!!!
James and Andrea J.a.A. James and A.
Wedding Excellence

Recently my fiance and I sealed the deal! (Oct. 8th) We were looking for something a little out of the norm and Succulent Source really came through. The Cuff Bracelets were beautiful and elegant while adding a bit of non traditional flare that we were looking for! They proved to be fairly sturdy as they survived shipping all the way thru the ceremony and onto the reception! I couldn't be more pleased! Excellent service! Excellent Quality! Beautiful Plants!

Thank you for ordering the Succulent Cuff Bracelets. And congratulations on your special day!!!! You can remove the cuttings from the bracelet and plant them and have a special, growing reminder of your day!!!

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