Succulent Cuff Corsage Bracelet - Live

Metal Style

Wear this cool and unique live succulent cuff corsage bracelet at your wedding or any event when you want to make a statement!

Succulent Cuffs, Bracelets, Corsages

Beautiful no matter what you call it.

Succulent Cuffs, Bracelets, and Corsages are fully customized to your needs!

Pick your style, colors, etc... Email AFTER you order.

Give Your

Wrist aHug.

Succulent Cuffs, Corsages, Bracelets look amazing and last for weeks.

After that,remove and plant the succulents, and your memories will grow!

succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist
succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist
succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist

Perfect anytime, anywhere.


* All arrangements made by: *

Amber - Our Florist

She is our AMAZING succulent wedding arrangement florist and we're blessed to work with her.

She creates all our succulent bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair combs, crowns, cuffs etc...

All these items are hand crafted offsite at Ambers Floral Studio. We vouch for her amazing work and know you'll be blown away by the product.

Don't Wait!

Order today and we'll delay shipment for your event.

succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist
succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist
succulent cuff bracelet corsage wedding wrist

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bracelets for my daughter and I

The bracelets were a very special touch to our accessories and they matched perfectly with the haircombs too. The succulents were beautifully arranged and the bracelets made every ring/hands picture super pretty.

Cuff Corsage was beautiful!

We got cuff corsages for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom at my wedding- they turned out beautiful and held up great throughout the night.

Arrived looking gorgeous, fell apart on the morning of the wedding

The bracelet was a gift for the groom's mom. It arrived undamaged and looking great. However, while we were getting ready for the ceremony, the bracelet fell apart (came unglued) before she could leave for the ceremony. :/

Thank you for ordering our succulent cuff corsage bracelet. We are so very sorry to hear that it came unglued before you could leave for the ceremony. This does happen although very very rarely. We are so very sorry.
Absolutely beautiful

I wore this corsage for my wedding and it was gorgeous. It arrived in good condition and lasted a long time. I got many compliments on it.

Bulk order for wedding

I ordered multiple cuffs, corsages and hair pins for my wedding party and parents of the bride/groom and they all came in perfect condition just a few days before the wedding. The Succulent Source was so helpful and organized when I needed to add items to my order last minute (like...the week before the wedding!!) I couldn't recommend this site enough and I've been telling all my friends about it. 5 star customer service, 5 star product, no questions asked!