Haworthias by James

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James' collection of Haworthias for sale has grown to over 25 different types, and it continues to grow!

Please Read All: hi

Our son Jamesis respon sible for all of the Haworthias for sale!  He gets all the profits which he'll save some, spend some, and hopefully share some!

PLEASE NOTE - these plants cannot be held for future events. They will ship within 1-4 business days. If you need succulents for your event, please see our 2" and 2.5" succulent.

**Haworthia Collection 9 pack in 2" containers, all will be different.

****Many Haworthias have very fragile pointy tips. These can naturally break and or turn brown on the tips/edges.  These guys are babies right now and if allowed to grow, they will get bigger, longer and or start spreading and shooting out pups and becoming large clusters.  Please do not expect a "Show" specimen for $2... each.  They will be healthy and happy but tips and edges can have imperfections, this is life in the world of succulents, and  humanity!   But they are awesome none the less, one of my favorite types of succulents!   Numbers 1-20 are usually in plastic square 2" containers, sizes within containers can vary, we always try and ship the largest/fullest based on stock.  **If you know the proper name of any of his Haworthias, we'd greatly appreciate you letting us know!!! We do our best to identify but we may have some of them named incorrectly, purchase by appearance please!

You determine the # of containers you want by using the box for Quantity.

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Customer Reviews

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Another satisfied customer!

Purchased the 4 pack of haworthia plugs and a large Haworthia retusa cluster. Very happy with what I received. All plants were in good shape, larger than expected for the price, and we'll packed. I got lots of pups from the retusa which made the cost per plant very reasonable. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks!

Great shape!

These came in great shape! I got a nice variety of growth types as well- and very healthy plants!!

Just ordered 3 more!!

I have so so many of these now from you guys. They are our favorites. They are just such beautiful little plants!!

Very healthy

I ordered like 8-10 succulents and they all arrived very healthy they are still looking good. I also got some air plants one was looking bad but I got a refund for it. You can’t beat the price and they really were in great shape.

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