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Succulents (EXACT) hand picked by Justus & Beau


***This listing is for the Exact 64 succulents pictured here being held by Beau! 

Not recommended for Events per the Discount price, some petals and leaves may get broken or knocked off during shipping, but these are beautiful and healthy succulents!

 This listing is for the Exact tray pictured here being held by Justus!

He picks the plants and puts into the box.  He helps with the packing.   He gets all money after plant and shipping costs.   Some will go into his piggy bank.  Some will go into his college fund,  some will get spent at the movies, on a toy, donuts at Church or whatever a four year old boy wants!

Justus says thanks!

Customer Reviews

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Beyond thrilled

I'm in shock at how well these plants were packaged. Justus you did such an amazing job they were delivered in prefect condition and I wasn't missing a single leave! Thanks for picking out some awesome plants!

I love it :)

Thanks Justus! All my plants were lovely, in good shape, and so well selected! Thanks again for the beautiful succulents.

Thank you Justus!!

I was SO excited to get my box!! They all looked amazing and I got exactly what I was supposed to (obv). Thank you Justus for picking out some amazingly beautiful succulents!! I literally can't pick a favorite!!!!

Thank you for ordering Justus' box of succulents! We love that you were so excited to get your box. ENJOY!!!!
Justus box Awesome!!

I would by a box like this from Justus any day!! LOVE my plants! Thanks Justus for have such good ones in your box!!

Thank you for ordering the Justus box of succulents. We are so glad you love them. ENJOY!!!!
Do more!

Justus, pick out more! People will buy! I was out of town and missed it!

We will do our best to get more sales posted.