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**Euphorbias have a white sap that can be an irritant to skin and eyes!!  Always be extremely careful when handling, and always wear gloves and glasses!

Euphorbia Obesa, the baseball succulent. This is an older specimen that has aged well with minimal attention, in fact its been neglected. Same soil and original container, desperatley could use some room to grow. Next is sake situation, this is a Medusa type but forgetting name???? Thick legs vs the skinny ones. Last is the Euphorbia flanaganii crested specimens in 6" plastic containers.  These guys are full and would all benefit with an up pot to a larger container. Dry pieces can be carefully trimmed, always wear gloves and glasses when maintaining your euphorbia specimens.


**Succulents are not perfect, they may have small flaws, please do not expect every leaf to be perfect, these are growing succulents and like people, they have character!

We always do our best to safely package our plants but leafs and branches can break off. Simply allow ends to dry and most branches will reroot, these larger pieces were also broken off from even larger specimens!!

If looking for larger pieces or larger quantities etc. please email us with any questions. Thanks.

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Jeremiah M.

Awesome bundle . Very good and informative customer service

Great company!

I have been so happy with these succulents! In my last order, they arrived in good condition & looked healthy. They are now thriving & one plant has already bloomed within a few weeks! I will be a forever customer because of their customer service & great attention to their plants.

#ES43 EXACT Aloe Jeweled Distans

I LOVE this plant! Every once in a while it gives "kisses" while moving it, but not too many. Such a different plant to what I'm used to, and I can't wait to see how many pups I might get from it. Succulent Source has the best plants!

SS Never disappoints!!!

I have been ordering from SS for about two years now, and they truly never disappoint with their products. This was the first time I ordered an exact succulent (i’ve done a cactus before) and was worried about the delicateness of it in shipping, but it came looking exactly like the picture!! I was not surprised because of the quality of my past orders, but was nonetheless impressed. I also ordered a mystery cactus from the 2.5" collection and it’s adorable. The living rocks are great specimens as well. To top it off, SS threw in two freebies that I love (all pictured are from this order). Thank you so much for your supreme service, I can’t thank you enough! God bless!

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