#ES05 EXACT Crassula Jade Bonsai Succulent 15"

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Crassula Jade Bonsai potted in a 1 gallon nursery container, ready for a new home to be shown off in!

**Succulents are not perfect, they may have small flaws, please do not expect every leaf to be perfect, these are growing succulents and like people, they have character!

We always do our best to safely package our plants but leafs and branches can break off. Simply allow ends to dry and most branches will reroot, these larger pieces were also broken off from even larger specimens!!

If this listing is for an Agave, see our basic info here: Agave Info

If looking for larger pieces or larger quantities etc. please email us with any questions. Thanks.

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Great succulent source
Great Product
Beautiful Jade
Updated review
Thank you for your order. We are glad to hear that the plant is doing well but we do wish that you had contacted us as soon as the order arrived so we could have seen what happened to the plant. There are a few factors that could have affected it included heat, treatment during shipping (the box being squished during shipping), etc. If we had been able to see what was going on with the plant, we would have done what we could to make things right with the order. Unfortunately we can't fix what we don't know about. Again, we are super happy with how great the plant looks now.

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