6" Echeveria Succulent Hybrid

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Our large Hybrid Echeveria succulents  in their 6″ plastic containers.  Variety varies, we will make sure you get a beautiful assortment, colors and shapes and sizes vary throughout the year but you will not be dissapointed, if you order more than one.  We'll also do our best to find the nicest and largest guys possible.  If an outer leave gets damaged, they will out grow them with time, please remember it takes a few years for these to grow this large, they often have some imperfections(like we all do), but they will continue to grow with some tlc.

*******Some of these guys pictured are very overgrown, we always try and send biggest but sometimes quality over size wins and we go with a good 6".******

**Soil can get displaced during shipping, simply pinch the soil back into their containers, straighten their position and give a gentle drink/rinse of water.** 

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Customer Reviews

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Tracey B.
The Best

This is the second time I’ve ordered from the Succulent Source. I’m very happy with the two large succulents I ordered. They’re colorful, ruffly and beautiful.

Peggy B.

My succulents arrived in perfect condition and two of them are truly stunning and huge. I am quite a collector of succulents and they are some of the most beautiful I have ever gotten. As a small family business, you really pay attention to the care and packing of the plants.


These plants made the perfect focal point to my event centerpieces. Arrived on time and in perfect condition!!

The most beautiful echeverias anywhere

I purchased from many online stores, this one is the best.
They ship in the container which is useful because you can think about where you want to put the plant.
When they arrive, they are eye popping but after a drink of water and a few more days, they get even more beautiful.
I've experimented with so many outlets, but for now on, this is the store I'm buying from

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