#EC175 EXACT Trichocereus Bridgesii Jiimz Tall Potted Cactus

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18"+ Potted Jiimz Bridgesii specimen, we'll make sure to send the nicest option available, but if you want to see every scar scratch bump and bruise, please look at our exact options available, these are guaranteed to have flaws, like we all do!

Trichocereus Bridgesii Jiimz, Jiimz being a broad umbrella for bridgesiis growing here at the nursery that my Dad Jim sold on Ebay for many years. Lots of cool genetics  These are longer taller options.

Potted in a  1 gallon nursery container, super ready for a bigger more stable container. 

Ready for a new home, and watch it grow.

Handle with CARE and please see our FAQ for basic care info.

Cactus FAQ

**Cactus are not perfect, they may have small flaws, we try and photograph all sides of a cactus including any flaws that catch our attention, but please do not expect every spine to be perfect, these are growing cactus and like people, they have character!

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Customer Reviews

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J C.
Jiimz 4 wind

Beautiful cac w some hard grown personality , healthy and true to images 💯

Ty B.

One of the best quality cuttings I've ever bought on the internet!

Scott C.

Loving getting these open polinated ones hope for some bridge seedlings sometimes

Scott C.
Tricho seedlings

Awesome plus freebies again! Time to order more!

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