Aloe - "Crosby's Prolific"

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Crosby Prolific
Drought tolerant when established.  Aloe "Crosby's Prolific" is considered to be a hybrid between an Aloe nobilis and an Aloe humilis var. echinatum.  Needs well-draining soil.  Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch.  Protect this plant from frost to prevent scarring.  These guys are in 1 TRADE gallon containers, lots of plants in each one, plant as is or break into multiple other plants!
***Some tips may already be naturally dried, broken etc, this is natural for a succulent with so many fragile tips, but we always do our very best to send the nicest plants available.  Brown tips will be minimal but this is just a heads up for anyone expecting absolute perfection in a living succulent with dozens of tips.

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Customer Reviews

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kevin s.
They are called prolific for a reason

I bought a bunch of different aloes and the y are all in the same place, in the same medium, etc. This one grows quickly. As with all of them, look for pups!

Aeryck d.S.
Prolific indeed

I ordered three plants and they all arrived in perfect condition, healthy, and quick. The Crosby's Prolific completely filled each nursery pot and I have to say that is great value for the money. Awesome company and wonderful plants!

Matthew S.
Succulent - Crosby’s

It a wonderful plant. I was a bit skeptical of just buying a cutting however, it looks amazing and is really growing splendidly.
I highly recommend the Succulent Soirce. Great customer service as well!

Debbie F.
My 3rd order

As always Judes aloes arrived safely to their new home! A+ and I can't wait to make another order!! Thank you guys !!!

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