Aloe Blue Elf

Drought tolerant when established, "blue elf" forms upright rosettes of very blue leaves.  Hummingbirds love the tall spikes of tubular orange flowers!~  Requires porous soil with excellent drainage.  Protect this beautiful plant from frost, water thoroughly when soil is dry.
Shipped in it's plastic 1 gallon container, multiple plants in each container, keep together or separate!
***Some tips may already be naturally dried, broken etc, this is natural for a succulent with so many fragile tips, but we always do our very best to send the nicest plants available.  Brown tips will be minimal but this is just a heads up for anyone expecting absolute perfection in a living succulent with dozens of tips.

Customer Reviews

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Jane T. J.T. Jane T.
Succulent Bliss

I ordered a plant to be shipped directly to a friend for her birthday and the gang at The Succulent Source was amazing. They treated me as I had placed a huge order rather than just having ordered one plant. Their response time and shipping time was lightening fast and they even were able to include the birthday message I requested. My friend received a beautiful, healthy, Aloe Blue Elf (in bloom!) and absolutely loves it!

Thank you for ordering the Aloe Blue Elf for your friend's birthday gift. We are so glad that she loved it. Please tell your friends and family about our low succulent prices and quick shipping.
Robin North R.N. Robin N.
first time ordering

This is my first order and I can't be happier! My order arrived and the succulents were wrapped in paper to protect them so I had no damage. I love the Elf Aloe it was bigger than I expected and very healthy. My ordering process went great the longest part was choosing what to order because the variety of succulents they have and shipping and delivery was fast. I am very impressed with "The Succulent Source" and I will definitely order again.

Robin North

Thank you for ordering the Aloe Blue Elf. We are so glad you love it. We hope to hear from you again soon. Please tell your friends and family about our low succulent prices.
Deborah D. Deborah
Blue Elf Aloe

I love my Blue Elf Aloe plant. It arrived in great condition.

So glad you are enjoying your Aloe Blue Elf. Thank you for your order!
Holly Heskett H.H. Holly H.

Love them and this business.

Thank you for ordering the Aloe Blue Elf. Your pics are amazing!! We hope to hear from you again soon! ENJOY!
Kimberly Kunkel K.K. Kimberly K.
They're here!

So excited, despite traveling from CA to OH, my succulents arrived in good shape with just a few of them a little dusty. I can't wait to get planting. The look awesome!

Enjoy your Blue Elfs!! Thanks for your business!!

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