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Jude likes Agaves and Aloes!  And there are lots of Aloes & Agaves out there!

Jude does the majority of all the work, and Jude gets all the money after paying for shipping cost!

If looking for potted Agaves, check out his Agave Potted page, or his Aloe pages!!

  • Direct and intense sun/heat can bring out color hues that full shade does not.  Aloe/agave colors can vary based on time of the year, temps, sunlight, watering etc.
  • Agave tips get bent/broken, especially on the older outside edges naturally in life.
  • As Agaves grow, you'll often trim/cut the older branches/leaves to clean up their appearance and this also allows them to fit better in containers and allows room for new pups to grow and pop out!  See pics below.  We often cut the tips off our decorative ones in the yard to keep our kid legs and dog noses safe.  Sometimes tips get bent or broken during shipping regardless of how well we pack.  We will not refund you or ship out a new Agave simply because some tips are not perfect.
  • We do guarantee the Agaves to be healthy, and any blemishes will be outgrown in their future growth assuming they are happy in their new conditions!
  • On dry rooted agaves, these have been growing naturally in the wild, leaves can be damaged, but again, these will be outgrown with time, can be trimmed up etc.
  • Sizes can vary, we always try and send the largest and healthiest specimens but sometimes they may be smaller than pictures, sometimes larger.  Agaves and aloes grow quickly during growing season, please have a little patience!
Please see our Blogs on propagating and proper care Aloes and Agaves.
Individual cuttings and seeds are often available throughout the year.  Cuttings will need to be potted and given 3-4 weeks approx. to begin rooting(some may already have roots), please see our Care page on rooting.
Drought tolerant when established.   Protect from freezing temps.  Not all Agaves and Aloes like full sun, experiment with your location to see where they look their best.  Protect from freezing temps. 
***Agaves have sharp tips and edges, always handle with gloves and open box carefully with gloves!
Please email us if you are looking for a specific Agave or Aloe type, we have lots not listed!
Here’s some basic Agave info

Agave   – Linnaeus (1753)

  • Greek: agauos = of kings and heros, illustrious, hence noble
  • Over 300 species of Agave have been described, but only about 200 are currently recognised. Most species are monocarpic, although a few can flower several times during their life. The flowers are “perfect” with both male and female parts. Many species of Agave are bat pollinated and produce musky perfumes as attractants. Others produce sweeter odours to attract insects.
  • Most Agaves consist of rosettes of thick, hard, rigid but succulent leaves often with marginal teeth and usually with a lethally sharp terminal spine. Prolific vegetative growth and offsetting at the base of the plant or through stolons, usually maintains a clump of plants thus compensating for loss of flowering rosettes. A few species remain solitary, relying on seed production for survival of the species.
  • The interior of the leaves contains longitudinal fibres representing the vascular system. Agave leaf fibre was used by native Americans. Agave fibre from a range of species is of commercial importance, with the best quality fibre coming from the youngest leaves. Sisal (hemp) made from cultivated Agave sisalana is used to make clothing and rugs.
  • Carbohydrates stored in the core of several species of Agave were fermented by native Americans to make a beverage called pulque which was used in religious ceremonies. Distillation of a similar ferment made from the developing Agave flower bud is the basis for modern production of Mezcal. Only if made from the Blue Agave within Tequila, Mexico can the distillate be called Tequila.

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      David C.

      Magnificent! These folks know how to do business

      Beautiful agaves packed well

      Everything was well-packed and arrived in perfect condition. Here are a few plant-specific notes.

      Regis Ferdinand 6" - In addition to the big plant, arrived with 4 healthy pups.
      Blue Ember in 6" - Perfectly formed, beautiful color.
      Parryi Truncata 3" - High hopes for this little guy, looks great in the yard already.

      Excellent agaves!!

      The succulent source is the real deal!! Always friendly, informative and packaging excellent!! The real pride is the quality of plants they sell. And they always throw in a little freebie to boot!
      Thanks again Darren and family for the top notch customer experience!

      Alaric S.
      Awesome agave!

      I ordered the 3 pack of agave to my surprise they got here faster than any plant I’ve ever ordered. Size and quality are truly outstanding! The root structure of these plants definitely shows that Jude is a master of agave propagation! I AM BEYOND IMPRESSED with what I received!!!!
      I highly recommend and will be recommending Judes agaves and everything else you offer to all my cacti and succulent friends.
      I will be ordering again soon
      Thank You so much for providing outstanding service and quality products!

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