2.5" Assorted Succulents

rosette succulents for sale

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*NOTE: Plants ship in plastic pots. You transfer to styles.

Succulents make amazing wedding & event favors!

We have 60 types of succulents that rotate based on a number of factors, quality being # 1.

Your collection may vary from the pictures on this page!

Please note that succulents are 85% green.

These 2.5" plants are hardy and full: you will love each one!

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We ship 1000′s of succulents weekly, ALL year round, ALL over the country! 

Our REVIEWS speak for themselves. 

All our succulents typically arrive happy & healthy. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Great product!

The Succulent Source provided just what we needed. We ordered 200+ succulent for our business. They came in varieties of all types and look great on our rooms.

The sales team was professional and easy to work with. Overall, great experience, and will do again.

Beautiful succulent

I have ordered from these guys a few times and have been notging but pleased with the condition of the cacti/succulents, the speed at which they were received and the helpfulness of the staff. I would highly recommend them:)

Great little plants, but...

My second time ordering. Plants are definitely a solid value (outside of the delivery expense), top notch and healthy, HOWEVER, the large box they arrive in is stuffed with styrofoam packing peanuts placed on top of the plants that break apart and get stuck in the cactuses and succulents. Took about 40 minutes and a lot of painful pokes to fully extract the mess as the tiny pieces of styrofoam couldn't be pulled out while wearing gloves. All of this could have been avoided had they placed a protective sheet of butcher paper or plastic between the plants and the packing peanuts, or put the peanuts in bags. Hopefully someone will read this review and make a change-- I would love to use them again!

Thank you for ordering the cactus. We are sorry that you had issues with the packing peanuts. Usually the big soak of water you give the plants when you receive them will rinse out most if not all of them. We have tried numerous packing materials and the packing peanuts are the best we have found to keep our plants safe during shipping and keeps our shipping/handling costs down for our customers.
Expensive delivery, 1 plant was dead

Delivery was expensive for one of the plants to be delivered almost completely dead. I took the plants inside as soon as they were delivered and watered them, but the sad looking one never recovered.

We are sorry that you are not happy with your order. We repeatedly ask our customers to please contact us immediately if there are any issues with their order. We cannot find any emails or calls from you regarding the issue you had with one plant. If you had sent us a picture of the plant in question on the day you received it, then we could have either replaced or refunded the plant. Also we put fragile stickers all over the shipping box but sometimes they are ignored. This is why we are willing to replace or refund plants that are damaged. Although it isn't our fault, we want to make our customers happy. However, we cannot fix what we do not know about. We also recommend multiple times during the order process that if Freezing weather is expected, please order a heat pack to protect your plants. Weather Wunderground shows you had a low of 14 degrees on the 28th of December, the day they arrived. You didn't order a heat pack, we're sorry one of the four didn't make it, but happy the other three did.
Great Place!

They all came on time and every one of them was beautiful. The silver vases came wrapped in paper. The box had packing peanuts. They were packaged well and had no damages. I've added a photo of their use. Everyone loved them, especially that they got to take one home!