Jade Cuttings and Potted by Blaise


Jade, Jade and Jade!  You can never have enough Jade!  Approx 10-12" in length

Giant piece of Jade Cutting similar in size to the picture!  Colors will vary based on sun exposure and time of the year.  The more direct sunlight, the more red the tips/edges will become.  The more shade/less direct light, the greener.

We can sell larger pieces, multiple pieces etc.  We have 5-6 types as well, just contact us if you would like to discuss a custom order.

***Cuttings can change shape during shipping, they are soft stemmed plants, even thick and large ones can flatten during storage and shipping.  Individual stems and leaves can break off, dont despair, just repot these as well, it happens naturally in real life!!  please allow them to root and naturally fill out to regular shape.  Treat these guys like Bonsais, trim them to your desired shape, save the cuttings for additional pots!  Larger cuttings may need sticks or rocks etc. to help them stay upright during the rooting process. Flowers show their bloom in January.  Flowers may or may not be present, if dried, you can simply cut or pul them off.  These are all grown from mature specimens in the ground, some leaves can have imperfections, spots, etc. this is normal!  Leaves and branches can break during shipping, simply replant, we cannot guarantee every branch and leaf will stay intact despite our careful packing.  Over-watering is the number #1 cause of rot and death.  Jades can go months w/o water, their leaves will begin to wrinkle which is a great sign they are thirsty.  Don't let your jades sit in water, drainage holes are great!!  Jades stressed from water and in full hot sun can bring out more red hues.  Jade can also sunburn if too hot etc.  Slowly introduce all succulents to full hot sun or you may risk a bad sunburn.  Protect from freezing temps too!


Customer Reviews

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Awesome Jade Plant

My grandmother's prize jade plants of 20+ years got killed by a surprise frost this past fall. Succulent Source came through big time by rushing me a wonderful replacement plant! I love this family and their quality plants!

Beautiful jade cutting with white flowers

As others have said, the cutting I received was very large, much larger than expected. It’s beautiful and seems to be doing well so far. It has gorgeous white flowers—can’t get enough of them! Thank you!


The cutting I got was huge! Very happy with my purchase!

Great Jade!

Jade cuttings were huge! Very happy I got these from you guys!

Pretty Great

I ordered two Jade Cuttings by Blaise to replace a Jade tree I had for many years and gave away when we moved. Both were well branched and shipped very quickly. One arrived intact but the second had two major branches broken off in transit unfortunately. Both large cuttings have been potted and seem to be rooting and the broken branches also have rooted so actually I received four plants instead of the two I ordered. I really wanted to grade 5 stars and I'm certainly still very happy with my order. Buy these cuttings if you want to start a jade tree and I bet you will be happy too. I definitely will order again as I want to grow my succulent collection as we settle into our new home. Thank you Succulent Source and best wishes for continued success!