Succulent Specials hand picked by Justus, Leah & Beau

Size: Beaus #11 64 mixed 2"
$ 70
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** Justus #1, and Beaus#2 Customs are assembled after order is placed. Every tray will be different based on stock**

Not recommended for Events per the Discount price, some petals and leaves may get broken or knocked off during shipping, but these are beautiful and healthy succulents.

Beau,  Justus and Leah pick the plants.  They get all the money after plant and shipping costs.   Some will go into their piggy banks.  Some will go into their college funds,  some will get spent at the movies, on a toy, donuts at Church or whatever young boys want!

**Justus Custom #1 is made after order is placed, based on available stock, will be a mix like others.

The boyz say thanks!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Fun mix of succulents!

I bought two mixes, one by Beau and one by Justus. The succulents they picked were a lovely mix! It would've been nice to have gotten more hardy varieties that could've been planted outdoors, but that's not a big deal. They both did a great job picking out plants. I was missing one plant completely from one collection, and two plants died on route from the other. However, they are such a great price, I don't really mind a bit! I also bought a Cactus variety, and it was amazing! Great job young ones! I'll buy from you again! I love supporting enterprising and hard working young people! Thank you!

James M.
Nice collection

Nice variety of succulents, didn't arrive damaged or stressed at all, great for cuttings!


Beautiful mix from Beau!

I received a beautiful mix of healthy succulents! Just what I needed to keep the winter blues away. The plants were very well packed and perfect on arrival. One even had a bloom stalk that was intact and is blooming now. Very happy with my purchase!

Family grown succulents with LOVE ❤️

Oh goodness!!! Thank you Beau and Justus for the beautiful succulents! Each one arrived in great condition!

Also, thank you for fixing my error with the heat pack situation. My package arrived a day late due to a snow storm and the plants were still warm!

I love each and every one of them so very much!
You all have a lovely shop and I enjoy supporting you and the kids.

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