5 Reasons Why Custom Branded Succulents are the Perfect Corporate Succulent Gift to Send

Whether it be succulent corporate gifts or something else, it is no secret that employees and clients love to be appreciated by the company’s they work with. In fact, 68% of employees who receive a memorable corporate gift said that the gesture strengthened their relationships with the company. Now, as great as this may be, understand that the corporate gift you choose also plays a large role in how the end results play out.

Overall, you want something that is unique, tasteful and sends the strong message that you really do care about your clients or employees. Instead of going with a logo shirt or mug this time around, think about upgrading your gifting game with branded succulents as a corporate gift instead. These tiny plants will deliver an appreciative message and unlock a partnership for years to come.


1. Branded Succulents Show Appreciation


This first point may sound like a no-brainer, but it is the fundamental reason why you are gift-giving in the first place. You want to show that, as a brand, you care for those who advocate for you and those who help keep the business afloat. However, going with a succulent corporate gift instead of the regular, mundane choices is what is going to instill the most appreciative clients. You are showing the recipient that you actually took the time to think outside the box and invest in a gift that they will genuinely like rather than doing it for the sake of doing it...


2. Succulent Gifts Cultivate Brand Awareness


Sending gifts to employees and customers may be based on showing appreciation, but it is also a way for you to make your brand name more recognizable. When your corporate office sends custom branded succulent gifts, you provide people with an cute amazing succulent plant to use as decoration, and your branding label will become more exposed to those that come across it. Whether it be family, friends, or other customers, your succulent gift will work wonders towards 'word of mouth' marketing.


3. Custom Succulents Attract New Customers and Employees


When you send out corporate branded succulent gifts, you are not only solidifying your gratitude for who you already have as your brand advocates, but you are also highlighting yourself to obtain more. Branding tone, image, and culture information travel fast. When people are talking about you in a positive manner because of your generosity, that is going to entice others to want to become a part of what you stand for. From new customers to new clients, succulent gifts are a great way to help your business expand and set the pace for a healthy workplace environment.


4. Branded Gifts Reduce Turnover


By sending custom succulent corporate gifts, regardless of whether it is in response to an event, holiday, or a "just because" situation, it will raise the satisfaction of your employees. This then becomes the catalyst for you to see a reduced turnover rate because those employees enjoy working for a company that demonstrates appreciation and thoughtfulness. Remember, you can still give typical gifts like t-shirts and gift cards, but nothing compares to the bond they feel when they receive a beautiful plant to care for and watch grow.


5. Succulent Gifts Make People Feel Good


Lastly, when you choose to go with branded corporate succulent gifts, you are also giving your employees and customers much more than just a gorgeous décor piece. Plants are proven to enhance one’s wellbeing and improve their perception of the spaces they are in. By sending someone a succulent branded gift, you are effectively improving their mental health while promoting a more environmentally friendly vibe.


Conclusion – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Corporate Branded Succulent Gifts


There are many reasons why corporate branded succulent gifts are a great investment to truly foster wonderful outcomes. Not only will you advance your clientele and strengthen your employee relationship, but you will also be positioning yourself as a company that appreciates others. In the end, if you are going to send gifts out, make sure you choose one that is going to leave lasting impressions. So, when you are ready to create your own succulent branded gifts and raise the corporate 'gift-giving' bar, we here at The Succulent Source are prepared to make it happen.