San pedro potted cactus

If you are looking for healthy, rooted, ornamental Trichocereus Pachanoi San Pedro specimens, many of which are blooming, look no further(blooms usually occur in late spring to the fall).

If you haven’t seen a San Pedro cactus bloom, you haven’t seen flowers!  Their flowers are giant, 8, 10, 12 plus inches in length, white, fragrant, and bees and other flying insects love rolling around in them!

Tortoises love to eat them as well!  My dad cuts their flowers each morning and lays them out along with cut nopales cactus for their 8 tortoises to feast on during the summer.

We always recommend transferring them into a newer, larger decorative container as they will be shipped in their basic plastic stock nursery 1 gallon containers. 

These guys all deserve a new home to be appreciated in!

We also sell a variety of different Bridgesii, Peruvianus, Macrogonus, and Cuzcoensis specimens and other trichs, including various clones and hybrids!


Check out our online store to see our large variety of other trichocereus, or contact us directly via email with any questions.

We are a licensed CA Nursery and have lots of other flower blooming and decorative cacti and succulents available.


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