We are a licensed CA Nursery specializing in succulents and cactus.  We have hundreds/thousands of established cactus and succulents on our property, and many, many beautiful San Pedros as well.  Each year around late July through September, they all begin to Bloom their giant beautiful white flowers!

if you haven’t seen a San Pedro Cactus flower bloom, you’re missing out.  We sell our 12″ and 24″ cuttings individually or at discount in multiples. 

They’re cheaper as cuttings, as you’ll have to do the waiting and  watching as they root, but I like it when they are aklready rooted and ready to grow bigger.  Generally our rooted San Pedro’s are 15″ and up, with our cuttings,  tops and middles being 12″ in length.  Top cuts have their beautiful tops intact.  Middle cuts have had their tops cutoff!

But.. you will usually get two new heads forming from  the cut section!!  Kind of a two for one!  The pictured cactus is a 15″ rooted specimen with small flower buds forming.  A week later, these flower buds are now an inch or 2 in length, growing by the day with giant flowers on their way.

You can email us if you have any questions about these very cool landscaping cacti!

Cheers to you and yours!

Pachanoi (san pedro)Trichocereus