At the succulent source, we literally ship 1000′s of succulents out every week, all over the United States, all year long.  We sell our succulents and cactus potted in  2″, 2.5″ , 4″ and 6″ plastic containers.  We also sell decorative container options for our 2″ and 2.5″ succulents and cactus, please see our facebook link

We also sell 1000′s of cuttings ranging from assorted shapes and textures and size at .75 each, to our specialty wedding rosettes ranging in diameter from 1-6″ plus.

We can customize any amount, diameter and color/s.   Contact us via email or call us directly to chat about your wedding/event needs.

One of the great BONUSES  of using succulent cuttings in your event, is when the big day is over, you can replant all your succulent cuttings and they’ll begin rooting on their own in 2-6 weeks!  Don’t throw your flowers and money into the trash1 Go with succulents!!

Don’t hesitate to email or call us at the succulent Source to discuss succulents for sale, this is what we do full time! all year round!


Darren and Lora Irwin

760-749-1086 Pacific time