Tray of 98 Mammillaria fragilis Thimble Cactus

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Tray of 98 plugs of Mammillaria fragilis Thimble cactus. LOTS of babies here, they fall off super easy, just lay them on soil and they'll root and spread! Great for succulent and cactus gardens as they cover the ground great allowing taller plants to contrast with them! $100 shipped anywhere in the USA

Healthy and rooted r, ready to keep on growing, needs a nice new decorative container to show off in!!!

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Cas K.
Super Fun!

So glad we ordered this tray! The tray was PACKED with cacti! Some were more spiny than others, but the plugs were easy to handle and go a long way. Definitely worth it if you are debating whether to order or not. You won't regret this purchase. Great price and every single plug in the tray was healthy!

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