Matucana Madisoniorum Ornamental Cactus in 6" container

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 Matucana Madisoniorum potted in a 6" container. Super cool looking specimens, these were grown from seeds collected and sown locally. Variation in spine length etc.

Black containers show them in 3.5" prior to uppotting to their new 6" homes.



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Customer Reviews

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More pups than I knew what to do with!

Very very impressed with the specimen you sent me, plus the container had at least twenty little pups floating around in it that’ll all hopefully root up in time!

Everything Expected and More

I ordered one plant, which arrived packaged very well. The entire plant, including the pot, was wrapped twice in thick layers of packing paper. The box was then filled with packing peanuts. As expected, the offshoots had all come loose during shipping, but I was completely surprised by the sheer number of them. I'd already purchased pots in the expectation of potting them, but imagine my surprise when I realized there were 18 new plants, and the mother plant was still very large. I couldn't be happier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the offshoots root! Oh. Beware... it may be called "paper spines", but there are teeny tiny thorns you can't see but will certainly feel once you've been stuck. :)

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