Rosette Leaf Starters - 10 Count

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10 Leafs Per Order

Place in the shade and wait a few weeks and they’ll begin to root.  You can also lay on top of soil and the same thing will happen.  Succulent cuttings but a lot cheaper for those with a little patience!  When laying on top of or into soil, place correct end in the soil(end that came off of mother plant)   I also don't water for the first 2 weeks, keep in shade, no full sun until rooted and growing and then introduce slowly.

** Do not be alarmed if they do not look perfect!! They are just leaves and will likely shrivel up completely after rooting and or forming a new tiny rosette!  If they have a crack, or rough edge, or wilted, or.... don't despair!!!  You are not buying a perfect leaf!  Hope this makes sense!


Customer Reviews

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Hannah Barnwell H.B. Hannah B.
Awesome condition!

Mine were packed wonderfully and all came in absolutely excellent shape! I bought the for the purpose of attempting to propagate for the first time; they've done beautifully! Alll have rooted or are about to (it's been about 3 weeks since they arrived) and look as healthy as can be!! So so excited to see what they grow up to look like! Photos: day of arrival, root progress 2 1/2 weeks later.

Deborah D. Deborah
Love These Leaves

They are so much fun, can almost see them growing in front of my eyes. Most have roots now, and many have little rosettes forming. Visitors check them out to see how they are doing.

Lynn Geiger L.G. Lynn G.
Lost everything

I followed the instructions that came with my order, nursing the cuttings through Ohio's winter in a sunroom. There was very little or no growth, even though most had some very small roots. As soon as I moved them outdoors every one of them shriveled up. I wasted a lot of time, energy and money on this, and woukd not recommend growing them and very disappointed with the results.

Thanks for your order and review. It sounds like you had success and the problem was after they left your sunroom, succulents grow minimally during the winter and fall, we're sorry they didn't thrive in your conditions.
Lisa Heffington L.H. Lisa H.
Succulent Leafs

I currently have my leafs sitting on top of a few rocks. Several have started to show growth. I have had them for 2 weeks. Now if I can figure out the next step. Happy so far!!

Thank you for ordering the rosette leaf starters. We are so glad you are enjoying them. Now that they are rooting, you can go ahead and put them in some soil. Please feel free to email or call us with any care questions. You can also get information on our Questions page on our website.
Tenancia Quick T.Q. Tenancia Q.
Having Trouble with the Guide

My jade cuttings are doing pretty well. I ordered about fifty rosette leaves and tried following the succulents guide I downloaded on the site and only maybe four are rooting a month into it. I left them on a window sill in partial sun and waited and only a few grew roots after about a week I placed them on soil and still no roots. I spritz them like step 2 and now they are just dying. I may try one more time but I am kind of discouraged and afraid to try again. I was hoping to have a tray of rosettes started before it got too hot to put them on the patio.

No direct sun until they root, they need shade, direct sun will only cause them to shrink quicker and dry up. No water spritzing, that causes fungal and humidity problems. Rooting can take 2-6 weeks.

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