Indian Comb Cactus Cutting 12"

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*****All 12" cuttings likely will have multiple small tips on their tops, more similar to the pictures showing them growing in the ground vs the ones cut on the racks.****

Trichocereus brevispinulosus Indian comb Cactus cuttings 12″ in length.  These are one of my favorite cactus in our yard.  Super easy to handle as far as cactus go, they offer a great contrast to those larger and longer needled cacti you have surrounding them.  They can naturally snap and fall over, usually they'll just re root along the length that is touching the ground and then grow back upwards.  Sometimes cuttings may have multiple growths on them as you can see in last 3 pics. 

We also offer cuttings at 24″ in length, as well as a few already potted.    Plant directly into the ground or a new decorative pot, add a few of these to your collection!

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