Opuntia aka Nopales Ornamental Cuttings



******All of our succulents and cactus are sold STRICTLY for ORNAMENTAL purposes, we do not encourage or suggest eating any opuntia leafs or fruits, to do so is 100% at your own risk.  We love them, but your body may not!!!!  Talk with your nutritionist/physician if you are considering doing so!!!!   Cereus Peruvianus fruits and Opuntia Nopales are the ONLY cactus and succulents that we sell as potential future eating products but again, only after discussing with your healthcare provider!!!!!  We are only responsible for selling them as ornamental specimens.

Each shipped box will contain cuttings from one -three different types of Opuntia/Nopales cuttings . They’ve been cut and dried on the edges and are ready now to be planted. They root very easily and when mature, they’ll produce flowers and fruit.

You can propagate these cuttings by additional cuts or by replanting the seeds as seen in picture.

Opuntia, also known as nopales or paddle cactus, is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae.

Currently, only prickly pears are included in this genus of about 200 species distributed throughout most of the Americas. Chollas are now separated into the genus Cylindropuntia, which some still consider a subgenus of Opuntia. Austrocylindropuntia, Corynopuntia and Micropuntia are also often included in the present genus, but like Cylindropuntia they seem rather well distinct. Brasiliopuntia and Miqueliopuntia are closer relatives of Opuntia.

The most commonly culinary species is the Indian Fig Opuntia (O. ficus-indica). Most culinary uses of the term “prickly pear” refer to this species. Prickly pears are also known as “tuna”, “nopal” or nopales, from the Nahuatl word nōpalli for the pads, or nostle, from the Nahuatl word nōchtli for the fruit; or paddle cactus. This and similar species are native to Mexico. 

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Amazing Customer Service

I needed these for an event center piece I was doing and I called them to see sizing ect so I could plan for the vases. They custom cut me 30 pieces to be what I was looking for. I received them in perfect condition and they really helped make our event look beautiful. I appreciate their awesome customer service to make sure I got exactly what I needed. It is amazing to actually communicate with an actual person doing the job instead of a robot, recording ect. It really makes a difference & I highly recommend this company.

Lynne K

Wow, they were larger than I was thinking they would be, but fun to work with. I used them in flower arrangements. Leather gloves are a good idea!

Amended review

I earlier gave a 2 star review of product. Owner contactwd me and wanted to make it right. I appreciate that it tells me this is a good compant. Its worth 2 more stars. I would buy from them again. Well done.

We very appreciate it. Thank you!!!!
Not happy

98%of cuttings were severly wilted. Im not sure they can survive until they root. Also several pads were way too small. I think these were old cuttings. Not happy at all.

We are sorry you are not happy with your purchase. We ask our customers to contact us immediately if there are any issues. We cannot find any emails or calls from you regarding your order. We cannot fix what we don't know about. If we had received an email with pictures of your cuttings, we would have been able to move forward with making things right but we can't fix what we don't know about.

Received the succulents. They are in great shape. Must handle with gloves. I was stuck already.