Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Cactus Cuttings & Potted

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Potted and cuttings!

Awesome for ornamental viewing or grafting otuer cactus to.

**Pictures showing berries/flowers dated 7-2017**

Myrtillocactus geometrizans are one of my favorites as they fluctuate between a beautiful blue to a greenish hue.  They have beautiful skin and even their thorns are beautifully detailed.  And they need such minimal if any maintenance!

It is a popular species in cultivation, where young plants commonly remain unbranched for many years. The fruit is edible, and sold for consumption in Mexico.

The Bilberry Cactus is fast growing, and is often used as grafting stock because of this. With favourable conditions it can reach heights of up to 15 feet.

Handle with CARE  and please see our FAQ for basic care info.

**Cactus are not perfect, they may have small flaws, we try and photograph all sides of a cactus including any flaws that catch our attention, but please do not expect every spine to be perfect, these are growing cactus and like people, they have character!

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