Hanging String of Dolphins

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Hanging String of Dolphins 6” round basket with hangers

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Robin R.
Here little fishy-fishy

One of the plants with my first-ever order from this company was a well-established pot of the hanging string of dolphins. I was very pleased with the packing, the size of the plant, and especially the condition of said plant. I will order from this company again, and I recommend patronizing this business for anyone looking to have well-established plants at a reasonable price.

stringy strings

I was disappointed with this order. They came nearly dead on arrival. They were very stringy, dry, and not what I was expecting. I have ordered in the past from here and received thick healthy plants! Not this time.

We are so sorry to hear about your string of dolphins. We always ask our customers to contact us as soon as an order is delivered if there is anything wrong with the plants. We are always open to sharing tips on reviving plants (succulents are resilient plants), reshipping or refunding plants if they don't meet our standards when delivered. However we cannot fix what we don't know about. Please reach out to us with pictures of what you received and we will work on making your review from 2 stars to 5 stars.

Can’t imagine getting my plants anywhere else!

Honestly I’m so happy with the variety of plants you guys offer! You told me to get this one when I called for some advice, I passed on my first order. With my second order I decided to buy the string of dolphins and it is in excellent condition with so many strands growing in all directions. I love it!!! Just need to get it hung up!

Love my string of Dolphins

I purchased a string of Dolphins and a string of Bananas. Do to shipping issues with COVID-19 and the Holidays, they were a week late. When they arrived they didn’t look so great, but because of the healthy plants that the succulent source always sells, I wasn’t too worried. I emailed them a photo and stayed in contact for the next few days, today my string are doing great!!!
Thank you, Succulent Source.

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