Facebook Special Succulents by the Boyz

 Please Read ALL!!!  

This Special is for the EXACT 8 types of succulents in these pictures and a bonus plant too, but sometimes we have to sub in 1 or 2 different based on factors like nibbles, damage caused by little hands etc.   This is a Starter Kit! 9 plants total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OR>>>  it's for a tray of 4" succulents as see in each picture.

Great for yourself or sent as a Gift!  If Gifting, please email our website and or videos/blogs info so they can take proper care of these guys!

Our boys will put these together, they get the money after the cost of plants and shipping. 

**We may be including some of the more fragile type succulents, Burro Tails and String of Pearls etc. knowing that once established and given lots of time to grow, they make awesome hanging type plants. We generally don't sell these in this size per they are fragile, some leaves can fall off, but they are great starts for your future succulent collections.  These 9 pack boxes are small so they get handled roughly, thrown, rolled, kicked and delivered upside down, so expect some displaced soil.  A quick fix, please see Blog below on how to pinch soil up, place back in, and then give a gentle drink.

**If you are uncomfortable with handling soil and plants, these are NOT the plants for you.  These are hands on, have fun succulents!


 ** please also order a heat pack if temps are freezing in your state.

Customer Reviews

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I rec’d my nine succulents which were in great shape in spite of the dented box!! Good job with the packaging!

But the most important part is how strong and healthy these babies were!!

I communicated with you about the hardiness of these and got prompt, helpful service.

Now my only question is: can you tell me the name of these succulents you sent me?

Love my new Succulents!

They came well packaged and in great condition. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Best decision I ever made

I received the shipment in the middle of winter and was a little worried but they are BEAUTIFUL. I constantly get compliments about them from friends


Was very happy with my succulents, they are happily planted in a pallet I have full of succulents ❤️

Love my Haworthia's

I absolutely loved the variety that came with this order. I was very pleased with my purchase.