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Based on stock available, you will receive three different Crassula Jade type plants potted in their 1 gallon plastic containers.  Examples may be Mini Jade,  Hummels Sunset Rainbow Jade, Gollum Fingers, ET Fingers, Ogre Tips and possibly others as they come in stock.  ***Pictured are ET Fingers, Rainbow Jade and Ogre Tips, your order may or may not contain these types.  Sizes may vary based on stock and other factors, we always try and send the fullest/healthiest plants,  but size will vary.  Colors can also vary, direct hot sunlight can intensify reds on some, others it can burn them,  Slowly acclimate to full hot sun and monitor yours to make sure they are happy/healthy.  Lots of shade can darken their greens.  Easy to take cuttings from these guys!    Ready to Repot in nice new container, Beautiful addition to your common green Jade collection!

***If some leaves are brown, wrinkled, cracked, simply/gently pull off and throw away.  Lots of leaves on these so please expect to lose a few, you can always try and repot them as cuttings!

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