Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush succulent - 1 Gallon

Size: VARIEGATA Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush succulent - 1 Gallon
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1 Nursery TRADE Gallon VARIEGATA and GREEN  Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush succulents, these guys grow into larger bushes, we have some 4-6 feet in height.  We also sell cuttings of both these.  They look great next to each other!

** We also carry an elephant bush that grows flatter, hugs the ground,  if used as a hanger, it would grow downward. Grows thick as well.

**If a stem gets broken during shipping, simply cut it, allow end to dry and then repot! SIZE can vary based on season etc. But promise they will grow and you'll have plenty of pieces to feed your elephants!

Below is a great informational link on these guys!  and Elephants love to eat them!


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Robert K.
Fantastic Plants!

The two one-gallon pots of Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush arrived well packed and without any damage. The pots were filled with the plant material, which were ready to be used for the potted succulent gardens that I make. Also, the plants were so full that I was able to take several cuttings from each one for the future.

Kristin B.

First of all it arrived so expertly packed I didn't lose a leaf, seriously. And then it was a lot nicer than I expected. It is a lovely mature plant. It was bone dry so i was able to repot it immediately. It's really plump and happy among my succulents.

Donna G.

This plant is beautiful. It came quickly and it top quality.

Dee F.
Beautiful Plants Dedicated Sellers

This gorgeous succulent arrived during extremely bad weather. It was very well packed and adapted well by following the instructions. I’m very pleased and will be back to purchase more! Thank you very much!

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