****Warning!!!! Winter is here in some parts of our country, if you expect 35 degrees or less/FREEZING temps when your plants are scheduled to ship and arrive, we strongly recommend ordering a heat pack for each 100 plants you order.  We cannot be responsible for damage to plants due to FREEZING temps.  History has shown us that with a heat pack, damage to plants is GREATLY reduced or does not occur at all. We still ship 100′s of boxes out weekly/monthly with very, very few casualties!!!!!

WARNING!!  Summer is  here (Ignore if getting cold in your area) , and so is the hot sun!  Please do not leave your succulents out in direct and hot sunshine!  They can get sunburned!  All of our succulents are Greenhouse grown and can burn if left out cooking in the sun, just like most people!  Indirect light, a little sunshine, ok, left outside to sunburn is no good!  some succulents can handle more intense sun initially, but don’t risk it prior to your big event!  If for personal use, slowly acclimate them to full sun.   Ask questions if unsure!

Are you open to the public?  Sorry, but we are a Private Nursery closed to the public and only sell online.  please contact us if you are local to discuss other possible options.

How long will it take to receive my plants after purchasing? We do our very best to have your order processed, packed and shipped out within 1-3 business days. Transit time via USPS Priority Mail and FEDEX then takes approximately 1- 4 days based on your location. Very rarely it may take longer per reasons completely out of our control.  If you need your plants by a specific date, it is your responsibility to let us know in a note during checkout. We recommend our succulents arrive 7-10 days prior to an event.  Also, if you order is for  40 or more plants, it is likely  to ship FEDEX which we only use on M-W, based on your zip.

You will be emailed a Tracking number as well—you can always look up where your plants are after ordering.


How long can I leave my plants in their box before opening them? Please open your box immediately upon arrival! Carefully and Gently remove the popcorn packing material.  Plants need light, and after traveling in the dark for days, the sooner they get it, the sooner they recover!

My plants arrived and they are covered in dirt, what do I do?  99.9% of the 1000′s of succulents we ship out weekly, all over the country, all year round arrive just fine.  But……. sometimes boxes get thrown around, tipped upside down, delivered on their side, kicked, rolled, bowled and passed like footballs!  We carefully pack all of our plants for shipping as well as label all of our boxes with multiple Handle With Care Stickers, but once they leave our hands, sometimes they get a bit/lot mishandled. If soil/plant has come out of the container/s, gently pack it back in and then carefully water them either in the sink or outside, this should remove most if not all soil from their leaves.  If you need some extra soil, anything will work, Pinch some from your houseplant, backyard etc. it’s not a big deal for these small guys in 2″, 2.5″ , 4″ and 6″ containers.  We cannot be expected to ship out replacement plants and or soil simply because some fell during shipping.

If you are not comfortable possibly having to do this, we cannot promise you won’t have to, sorry.

We have been doing this for a long time, and we feel our current packing is the best way to do this, while keeping our prices at the lowest around.   We appreciate feedback and we want ALL of our Customers to be happy w/ their purchase, but please remember, we are shipping succulents, with soil, in boxes, all over the country in all kinds of situations.  I apologize for the length of this paragraph, but it’s mainly for those customers that  despite reading our FAQ, get mean and nasty after their box arrives.  I promise, if you respond nicely, we always respond nicely back!!

After repotting as necessary, you’ll find Succulents are resilient! With a good watering and light, they should recover quickly! **** If you are going to leave your succulents in the smaller 2 inch plastic containers for an extended time, remember to water them more often as they will tend to dry out much quicker than larger containers.

Here’s a Picture Step by Step as well.


Video on opening a box and watering

***    If there is a problem with your succulents upon arrival, please contact us quickly within 24 hours, and please provide a picture or two to help us assess the problem and resolve it quickly.  Do not throw away the plants or the box away as we may need to see a picture of them.  It is important to us that you receive your plants in good condition, but if you wait too long to tell us there was an issue, we may not be able to help.  And be nice!  Being mean gets you know where in life, being nice is like magic!  It’s so much easier to go out of one’s way for a nice customer vs one that is rude and offensive***

I ordered cactus, anything special I should know when opening my box?   Yes!!  Cactus have short, medium and long spines.  some spines/needles are soft, others are hard and hurt!!  Always use protective gloves when opening your box and removing packing popcorn etc.  If you don’t have gloves, make some out of tape, most will do by wrapping your fingertips.  We handle cactus all the time, we are always careful, just use caution and don’t wildly throw your hands into a box of them!  If you are sending as a gift or someone that is unaware of the contents, please forward them this FAQ and or give a warning pokey cactus are on their way!!

Should I put them in Sunlight right away? NO! and yes…this is the tricky part as we don’t want you to sunburn your plants, it doesn’t happen often but because we do so many events, we want to be very proactive here!!   These are greenhouse grown succulents, they need to be acclimated to sunlight gradually.  Keep them in the shade or indirect sunlight, especially prior to a wedding or other event and slowly introduce them to direct sun. If you put them under  the sun right away, for too long, you may burn your new plants!  We are NOT responsible for sunburned plants.  With all this being said, direct sunlight will not hurt them as long as it is in moderation, think of them as new born babies!

Should we keep them in a dark place?  No!  Succulents want light!  No dark garages, basements, rooms w/ no windows etc.  If your succulent/s are in poor lighting, they will quickly  begin to stretch out seeking better lighting, this is called etiolation.          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiolation      So find the balance between the 2 extremes!

***We tend to ship these on the dry side..it is best to give them a nice big drink of water (soak them through) and then transfer to your pail/votive 2-3 days later!  Be sure to tell your patrons the The Golden Rule of succulents! “Water me when my soil is dry, and don’t water me when my soil is wet”.  That’s 90% of it! The other 10% is down below.****

Do you offer other containers to help dress these up for an event? Yes!  If you purchase any container combo, you will have to transfer them yourself!  We always ship our succulents in their plastic square 2″ containers.

Please see link for our current options for our  succulents and cactus potted in their  2″ plastic containers.


How big will the succulents be when they arrive?



HOW TO Transfer to other decorative containers with pictures:


How do they fare in nasty weather with shipping? Succulents are very forgiving and very hardy plants; with that being said if your weather is below 30 degrees F we strongly recommend purchasing our hot packs for $5 (per box of 100) to make the journey more comfortable for the plants. If your weather is 15 degrees or below we would recommend delayed shipping if possible: If your order is calendared for an event: IT is your responsibility to contact us to delay your package or call to add a hot pack if necessary!! Once your box is delivered bring it indoors as soon as possible and certainly do NOT let it sit out overnight.

Some of my plants have been damaged, what do I do?  Succulents are durable, and chances are the majority of your succulents started from cuttings. If the stem has broken off completely, allow it to dry for 1 week in the shade and then read our question on cuttings. If the stem is hanging, carefully cut off and then do the same. Contact us as well if they need to be replaced/refunded.  Don’t throw away broken plants! You can at least replant them for later enjoyment, cuttings are simply broken plants from mother plants!

Returns and Exchanges

We take great care in the packaging of your plants, but unfortunately the same cannot always be said in how they are handled once they leave us. If you are unhappy with your order for whatever reason, please contact us within 24 hours and we will do our best to make the situation right.  If possible, please take a few pictures and email them to us as it will help us figure out the best way to resolve any problem. We value our customers and want you to be happy with your purchase!  Please be nice when emailing or calling us, and we’ll be nice back!