Gold Tooth Aloe - "Aloe Nobilis"

Size: Gold Tooth cutting/pup
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Gold Tooth Aloe
Drought tolerant when established, native to Africa, forms rosettes heavily offsetting to form wide clusters.  Has beautiful golden~orange tubular flowers seasonally. Hummingbirds will flock to this plant!   Porous soil with adequate drainage and protection from frost is needed to keep this beauty happy.

Shipped in their 1 TRADE gallon plastic container.  Keep together or separate and make lots of new ones!  These are packed w pups.

***All succulents can range in colors, many factors play into a succulents color at any given time of the year, such as length of day, direct sun, heat, watering, soil, fertilizer etc. "Stressing" a succulent which means lots of sun and minimal water can also effect the coloring of a succulent at any given time. Sometimes these guys can be greener than pics, sometimes more Golden, sometimes solid green!***

**Sizes can vary based on stock.

***Some tips may already be naturally dried, broken etc, this is natural for a succulent with so many fragile tips, but we always do our very best to send the nicest plants available.  Brown tips will be minimal but this is just a heads up for anyone expecting absolute perfection in a living succulent with dozens of tips.

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Kari M.
Just beautiful

I will never order ANY plants except with the succulent source!! They go above and beyond! Their plants have ALWAYS thrived!


I received my gold tooth aloe in healthy condition. it's still happy and healthy

Large for a 'pup'!

I received a Gold Tooth cutting/pup with my order, and was surprised by the size in the package. This would have easily sold for gallon price at my local nurseries. Pup was wrapped and packaged well, arriving with no damage. Despite this large size, pup only had one developed root and a nub of a start of a second. Transplanted with care and already showing signs that it is rooting into it's new home and seems to be happy, no tips have turned brown. I'm very happy with this purchase!

John S.
1 Gallon Size is Amazing

I received the 1 gallon Aloe Nobilis in a healthy state just before the Summer warm season was about to begin. It is already growing a flowering stem and I cannot wait to see how it will look. The Gold Tooth Aloe is absolutely beautiful.

I highly recommend buying one and supporting The Succulent Source. It’s always been a positive experience with high quality purchases received.

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