Boutonniere Cutting - 1.5"

These succulents work great for Corsages, accent bouquet pieces and Bouts! Approx. 1.5" in diameter.  After the event, root them up, put them in a pot or garden and have them forever to serve as a memory!! They also work great for creating Living Wall arrangements, succulent dishes/gardens, wreaths, topiaries etc. They will root quickly as well and as they grow and fill in, you can trim them yourself and have additional cuttings!

Please note: Succulents do not always come with long stems, most rosettes etc. grow close to the soil line, floral wiring is often used by the pros when making arrangements, and Floral pins to hold down on wreaths and living walls until they naturally root and can hold themselves tight!  Lots of youtube videos out there showing this!

These are healthy CUTTINGS from our Licensed Nursery. Cuttings could include Aeoniums, Echeverias, Sedums, Sempervivum, Graptosedum, etc. These pictures are a representation of our plants, each order will vary depending on season and stock available.

Please notate if you have any color preferences in the note to the seller section upon checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Succulent Source always sends great product that is packaged and shipped well. I recommend them to anyone who asks.

Very lovely!

Arrived in great condition. Took longer to root then i thought. But i resisted the urge to over water and they are doing well!

Never a disappointment!

I have all but one succulent shown that I bought from her. Just do not have the red on in home decor which I would love to buy!!


Our boutonniere cuttings were soo perfect and beautiful! Everything about the ordering process and the flowers themselves was perfect! Thank you for a great experience!

Beautiful as always!!

I have ordered from them several times and love how great these look in my projects. Will totally use them again! Mothers day was a success with a new Fairy garden. Only wish they could get the shipping cost down a bit.