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Rosette Leaf Starters - 10 Count

10 Leafs Per Order

Place in the dry shade and wait a few weeks and they’ll begin to root.  Some may begin showing root hairs sooner than others, lots of factors involved.  You can also lay on top of soil and the same thing will happen.  You can also insert partially into soil, make sure you insert the end that was broken away from the main plant, not upside down.

Succulent cuttings are also an option,  but these leaf starters are a lot cheaper for those with a little patience!  When laying on top of or into soil, place correct end in the soil(end that came off of mother plant)   I also don't water for the first 2 weeks, keep in shade, no full sun until rooted and growing and then introduce slowly.

** Do not be alarmed if they do not look perfect! upon arrival! They are just leaves and will likely shrivel up completely after rooting and or forming a new tiny rosette!  The new growth is the important part.  Consider them a seed, not the plant that comes from the seed!   If they have a crack, or rough edge, or wilted, or.... don't despair!!!  You are not buying a perfect leaf!  If a leaf turns black and soggy/mushy,  throw it away.  Some customers have 100% success, some customers fail miserably, too much sun, moisture, humidity???  We cannot guarantee these guys, they are a cheap opportunity to try propagating succulents at the most basic level.  Hope this makes sense!

We also try to always add a few extras w every order.


Customer Reviews

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I've got roots!

This has been so much fun for my daughter and I to learn about how to grow our own succulents. The leaf cuttings came and we followed directions and we have roots! They are great!

The succulent source goes to the Caribbean.

I'm from Dominican Republic, I have been looking for places that sell cuttings rather then the whole plant because I'm interested in the growth process of the plant, also I want more variety than what I can get in my country, which is why I came across this website and found this lovely family, thank you for your work. For the parcel to arrive it was an adventure, anyways long story short I got them on Saturday, I was expecting some dead ones and some damages, but 97% came alive, some have roots already, no harm, well packaged, the delivery was fast and communication was smooth, they are sitting in my window, no direct sunlight. Will buy more 100%.

10 leaf packs

They were perfect when they arrived and are already starting to put on roots and I’ve only had them 2 weeks.

Great quality

Excellent quality of leaves and a few extra. All of mine have started pushing roots and offsets.


Very pleased with the leaves I received. Some are growing babies.