Rosette Leaf Starters - 10 Count

10 Leafs Per Order

Place in the dry shade and wait a few weeks and they’ll begin to root.  Some may begin showing root hairs sooner than others, lots of factors involved.  You can also lay on top of soil and the same thing will happen.  You can also insert partially into soil, make sure you insert the end that was broken away from the main plant, not upside down.

Succulent cuttings are also an option,  but these leaf starters are a lot cheaper for those with a little patience!  When laying on top of or into soil, place correct end in the soil(end that came off of mother plant)   I also don't water for the first 2 weeks, keep in shade, no full sun until rooted and growing and then introduce slowly.

** Do not be alarmed if they do not look perfect! upon arrival! They are just leaves and will likely shrivel up completely after rooting and or forming a new tiny rosette!  The new growth is the important part.  Consider them a seed, not the plant that comes from the seed!   If they have a crack, or rough edge, or wilted, or.... don't despair!!!  You are not buying a perfect leaf!  If a leaf turns black and soggy/mushy,  throw it away.  Some customers have 100% success, some customers fail miserably, too much sun, moisture, humidity???  We cannot guarantee these guys, they are a cheap opportunity to try propagating succulents at the most basic level.  Hope this makes sense!

We also try to always add a few extras w every order.


Customer Reviews

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I'm convinced!

I was a little skeptical about the rave reviews I read about this company since they were on the company website...but one order convinced me.
The package arrived within just a few days -and this was right at Christmas time. The leaves and cuttings were packaged simply, effectively, and without any plastic. Everything looked healthy, there was a really nice variety, and I got a few extra. I'm really happy and will be back for more!


I ordered these so that I can try to make some decorations and I can't afford to buy the big plants. The leaves arrived well packaged and even faster than predicted. I laid them out to dry and then transferred them to a tray of soil and spritzed them. Not much happened at first but now lots of them have sprouted roots and/or nubbins that are developing into mini-rosettes. This has been a really fun project and if I need anything else I know where to come.

Love this place!

I used The Succulent Source for bracelets and headbands for my daughters wedding and they were gorgeous. Now I'm finally getting to create my succulent mandalas. I haven't had them long enough to sprout but am fully confident that they will. I posted them on IG and will post updates as they grow into new little plants. What a miracle! I ordered 100 but got at least 10 or more than that. I bought some beautiful air plants but haven't put that display together quite yet.


I am so pleased with the leaf starters I received. Several are sprouting roots already! I was also happy to see the extras that were included in my order. I check my little nursery every day.

Follow Directions

I think I ordered 50 and ended up with 66 or so... so that was the first awesome part. In a few weeks, most had roots and by now, most have tiny new plants! This is a cheap way to acquire a whole lot of plants if you have the patience. I love that you guys give really specific care instructions. Naturally, I was worried at first when the leaves just sat there... but waiting and watching plants that I totally grew myself has been so rewarding! Will be buying again!!!