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Crassula perforata "String of Buttons" is a relatively fast grower for a succulent. It has stacking, alternating, triangular leaves which form columns reaching 8-10 inches tall. The leaves are a pale green with rosy edges, especially when grown in full sun. This variety works well in pots or hanging baskets, as its stacking columns will soon create a beautiful hanging effect over the sides of the pot. 

The name Crassula comes from the Latin "crassus" meaning thick, which refers to the fleshy leaves and stems of the plants in this genus. Crassula contains over 200 species of succulent type plants, the majority of which come from the southern tip of Africa. This genus has a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 1" miniature succulents to 6' dense shrubs. They can grow into erect shrubs or mini-trees, or remain prostrate as groundcovers or clumps of rosettes.

Crassula prefer full sun to partial shade, however intense afternoon sun can burn foliage. Most species can be grown indoors if given a large south facing window. Propagation is generally easy  and can be done by leaf or stem cuttings, and even seed. Crassula are best planted in well draining soil, and are susceptible to root rot or fungus if overwatered. Many species go dormant when temperatures go too high or low. Some varieties of these succulents are hardy but most will not survive a hard frost. 

Here's your opportunity to order exact succulent species at an awesome price!  We will continue to add new types as they become available, and we're pretty darn sure you won't find them cheaper anywhere!

We always do our best to ship the largest and healthiest succulents we have available.  But size and color may vary based on multiple factors including time of year, growing temps, length of days, and their growing seasons. Succulents generally slow down and almost stop growing during the coldest months of the year, but come spring and summer you can often see growth in just days.

If looking for exact Haworthias, Gasterias and Aloes, please see those pages specifically.

Some containers may have 1,2,3, and even 4 smaller rooted plants, this can also vary based on the species and the way they grow, vertical vs horizontal being possible factors.  Containers are basic plastic nursery stock with colors are usually orange or black, and approx. 2" tall and across the top.

Please remember these are juvenile specimens, they are nowhere near maturity, and any small imperfections will be outgrown in time.  Please see our multiple blogs and care instruction on potential soil displacement during shipping, and propagating many types of succulent leaves etc.

Unfortunately we cannot delay shipping on these exact types as our stock is always changing and what we have available today, may not be available tomorrow or next week/month.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Quite nice

A little bit of damage on this one, but might be able to propagate the piece that fell off. Bigger than I expected and quite happy with the plant, as I like this Crassula variety quite a bit.

So happy!

All of my Succulents that I received are in great health and bring us much joy. I made a succulent garden to honor my mom who passed and wanted to have unique and varied plants. The Succulent Source full filled both of those things with healthy and well shipped to MA plants (during a crazy cold snap).

Ashley S.

In great shape

So cute

Came fast, came healthy. Thriving now.

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