Trichocereus Ornamental Cactus Seeds Pachanoi Peruvian & others

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Newbie seeds are being updated, please check back later, they go fast!!!!

Trichocereus seed packs, 20-150 to a pack, usually a few extras added. Free shipping. Please allow 1-2 weeks for arrival, no tracking is provided as these are sent via envelope and stamp.

Pachanoi mix. 40 count
Full bodied green columnar cactus native to Andes mountains of Ecuador and Peru. Short spines when young and often completely spineless when mature. These flower in spring with large white very fragrant flowers. Once mature, these cactus can go without water for up to 6 months without any problems. Great additions to sustainable landscaping.

Peruvian mix. 40 count
Beautiful blue columnar cactus common throughout South America. Strong central spines that vary in color from red to yellow. Mature plants flower large fragrant white blooms in spring. These cacti prefer a well draining soil mix and filtered lighting. A gorgeous addition to any cactus collection or sustainable landscape project.

Peruvian x Scopulicola 20 count: Peruvian x Scopulicola - Dark Green to Blue hybrid columnar cactus that are the result of crossing a spiny Blue Peruvian columnar cactus with a Dark Green totally spineless columnar called a Scopulicola from Bolivia. Once mature, they produce large fragrant white flowers that open at sundown.

Pachnoi smooth cristata 20 count: - Beautiful dark green columnar cactus with extremely small spines ***and the potential to exhibit crested growth due to one parent plant having crested/mutant genetics. Cresting is a mutation in the genetics that can cause very sculptural forms that will make nice additions to any collection. Although most seedlings do not show cresting, the possibility is present which makes growing these seeds exciting. Also may take years for the mutation to begin, but we cannot guarantee any %.

Blog on sowing seeds coming soon!

*** The following is not the norm but it's always a possibility.  Times and success with rooting can vary based on multiple factors including time of year, temps, soil etc.  Sometimes ends may arrive discolored, not an issue if its DRY. If a little mushy, follow our blog and slice off small section and start drying process all over. If some mold on the end, read our Blog and wash and dry and slice if needed.  Your cactus cutting is not ruined because of any of these reasons, it's an opportunity to learn and become an experienced propagation expert.   If this is too overwhelming for you, we kindly and respectfully ask that you not order from us as we want all of our customers to be happy!

Handle with CARE  and please see our FAQ for basic care info.

More info.

**Cactus are not perfect, they may have small flaws, we try and photograph all sides of a cactus including any flaws that catch our attention, but please do not expect every spine to be perfect, these are growing cactus and like people, they have character!

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Customer Reviews

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Bridge. Pach, peruv. Seeds

Peruvian is the slowest to germinate of the three, for sure. But 100% germination on the bridgessii beyond. Wow those grow like crazy! Pic is ten "beyonds" after 10 days.
Succulent source is always a pleasant experience.

Great customer service!!

As a repeat customer I’m always happy with the customer service and products. Will definitely order again! Expertly packed and arrived in a reasonable time.

Amazing service! Safe shipping!

There is literally not enough good things that could ever be said about the succulent source!! Ever since my first penis cactus that I bought from here it seems like my fiancé and I are HAPPILY buying new specimens and seeds on a weekly basis and are LOVING ALL OF IT! the Irwin family KNOWS their cactus, grow them with love, and always make sure everyone gets something they can be happy with! Happy cacti!


Reliable, kind, amazing

Love the succulent source. They always have excellent plants and are so kind. Shipping is quick and very safe for the plants! Can’t recommend the succulent source enough.

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