Euphorbias by James


2", 2.5", 4" etc. reflects the width of the plastic container they are grown and shipped in.

Euphorbias range from tiny annual plants to large and long-lived trees. The genus has over or about 2,000 members, making it one of the largest genera of flowering plants. Euphorbias can reach STORIES high and live for 100s of years!!~

******PLEASE READ****** As beautiful as these plants are: WARNING: The plants share the feature of having a poisonous, milky, white milky-like sap that is a serious eye and skin irritant to some people. We suggest always wearing gloves and eye protection when handling these gorgeous plants.[The genus may be described by properties of its members' gene sequences, or by the shape and form of its heads of flowers. Structures supporting the flower head and beneath have evolved to attract pollinators with nectar, and with shapes and colors that function the way petals and other flower parts do in other flowers. Order these euphorbias to make your cactus garden complete!!~

**Soil can get displaced during shipping, simply pinch the soil back into their containers, straighten their position and give a gentle drink/rinse of water.** 

***size can vary based on stock, time of year, condition etc.  But with care, they grow and pup and grow!!

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Great Service

The only criticism I could possibly offer is that I wish I could choose which variety of succulents that I would get.

Love my succulents!

I ordered a number of succulents and cacti for my students at a rural northern public school. They are LOVING seeing the different types and learning about their differences among succulents and from other types of plants. Great service, very helpful and generous. I will definitely order again!

my first order

The cactuses was much bigger and one of them started to bloom,some with babies.They all arrived healthy despite of the frost. I would order again soon !!!

Love succulent source!

Everything came just as pictured and worked out perfectly in my gift arrangements!

great service, great plants

order came as pictured -- nice looking plants. thank you.