Barrel Cactus Seed - 100 Count

100 Barrel Cactus Seeds for sale picked and packed by James, these little guys sprout well, and will grow into Golden Beauties with a little love!  All $ from these sales goes directly into his pocket/account, he’s an awesome saver, very thrifty with his money, and he loves getting sales!   and he always adds extras!!!!!

Customer Reviews

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Stopped counting at 100 seeds.

As the seeds look healthy and 2/3 of the way through counting them i reached 100. im going to leave a review now. great buy for a great price. (wonders if more cactus seed types will be coming around soon.) comes in a tiny brown paper envelope. ill be transferring to my own preferred seed packet (to be clear just being particular. the little envelope was great quality and a good storage receptacle for seeds.) have them germinating 2 different ways.


There were moor than 100 Seeds in this order, as always the Source is very generous with there orders. I will be Germinating in 2 weeks, and i know i won't be disappointed. I will be back for moor. Thanks

So fun.

My daughter and I, are growing these as home-school project. It is so fun to watch the seedlings emerge.

Very satisfied.

I was missing an item from my order and contacted customer service about it. I received a response within an hour and the missing product in two days. I love my plants and will definitely be ordering from here again.

Thank you for your order of barrel cactus seeds, cuttings and succulents. We are so happy that we could help you out and rectify the order. Enjoy!!!!!

I've been taking care of cacti/succulents for over a year now, but this was my first time using seeds. They took about 2 weeks to germinate and the majority did. Very impressed, it's mid winter here in Michigan and they're doing just great in my room. I poked holes in a plastic to go container and filled with 1/2 pebbles and 1/2 cacti soil, then sprinkled the seeds and a thin layer of soil on top. Then I watered lightly with a spray bottle and put the lid loosely on top. Hope this is helpful, enjoying my baby plants!