Trichocereus Grandiflorus Cactus

Size: Grandiflorus 1 gallon
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Ornamental Trichocereus Grandiflorus in assorted sizes.

We always try and ship specimens with pups, but this can vary based on a number of factors.  Regardless, these guys will pup on their own and you will see new babies popping out of the soil come spring and summer!

2.5"   3.5"  1 gallon refers to container size.

Grandiflorus make great grafting stock!

******Pictures show them blooming on April 15th 2016 and exacts blooming May of 2019, depending on the time of year you purchase, they may or may not have flower buds on them, you'll likely have to wait for them to surprise you! ****

***We are also now selling Exact potted specimen  in their 1 gallon containers showing them blooming and their color! Number of pups can vary but each summer they usually fill in each container by October if not already full of pups.

 1 gallon Trichocereus grandiflorus cactus in 1 TRADE gallon containers.  They bloom beautiful flowers 1-2x a year, usually in spring, early summer.  They are also known as Helianthocereus and echinopsis.  These guys are native to Argentina and cousins of San Pedro cactus, also known for their gorgeous flowers.  They grow in clusters 16″ plus in height and come in a variety of flower colors, no way to know until they bloom!

See our Sun Goddess trichocereus which are a hybrid and grow much larger!

Hybridization has created all these additional color combinations!  Awesome addition to any cactus collection!

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Customer Reviews

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Kendal R.
Trichocereus Grandiflorus Cactus

Top notch seller!
The Succulent Source deserves the FIVE STARS all the way!

Helen V.
Beautiful plants

I always order from the Succulent Source. The plants arrived well packed and not one damaged. Plants are healthy, nice in size, and ready to plant. The prices and plants are so much better than big nurseries or box stores. I also like that I am supporting a small business and the boys are learning to be responsible, hard-working young men.

Great sized specimen!

Fast shipping, great packaging and an amazing specimen!

Evelyn S.
Happy cactus

thank you excited to see it bloom. Thank you.

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