Propagation is the process of producing new plants from the parts of existing plants. If you've ever dreamed of multiplying your Trichocereus cactus collection or sharing it with friends, propagation is the answer. Let’s delve into the step-by-step guide on how to propagate Trichocereus cacti.

1. Choose a Healthy Parent Plant

Begin with a healthy Trichocereus cactus. Healthy specimens from varieties like Pachanoi, Bridgesii, or even the unique Monstrose from The Succulent Source are perfect starting points.

2. Prepare Your Tools

You'll need:

  • A sharp, sterile knife or scissors
  • Gloves (to protect from spines)
  • A tray or pot with well-draining soil (a mix of potting soil, sand, and perlite is ideal)

3. Cut a Segment

Wearing gloves, carefully cut a segment from the parent cactus. Varieties like Peruvianus and Cuzcoensis have elongated columns, making them ideal for this method. Ensure the cut is clean and straight. Let the cutting dry for a few days until a callus forms on the cut surface. This is crucial to prevent rot when planting.

4. Plant the Cutting

Once the cut end is callused, plant the cutting in your soil mixture, ensuring it stands upright. The callused end should be buried about an inch deep.

5. Wait and Water Sparingly

For the initial few weeks, water sparingly. You want to encourage root growth without causing rot. Once you notice growth (this may take several weeks to months), you can begin watering as you would with an established Trichocereus.

6. Explore Grafting for Faster Growth

If patience isn’t your virtue, consider grafting. Grafting involves attaching a Trichocereus cutting onto another cactus with a stronger root system. This method often results in faster growth. For those keen on grafting, The Succulent Source offers grafting kits to set you on the right path.

Expand Your Collection with Varieties

Once you’ve mastered the art of propagation, why stop at one variety? Dive into the world of Trichocereus with diverse options:

  • Hybrid: Witness the marvel of nature with these crossbred beauties.
  • Scopulicola and Chalaensis: Less common but equally rewarding, these varieties are for the true enthusiast.
  • Cuttings: If starting from seeds isn’t for you, The Succulent Source provides cuttings of various Trichocereus species, making propagation a breeze.


Propagating Trichocereus cacti can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to expand your collection or share with fellow enthusiasts. With patience and the right techniques, you can ensure your new plants grow strong and healthy. And remember, whether you’re looking for hybrids, grafting kits, or cuttings, The Succulent Source has got you covered.