If you are looking for Bridgesii Cactus for sale ,  there are few sites that sell them.  Not as thick or full as a well watered San Pedro cousin, but Bridgesii tend to be skinnier, deeper ribs and much longer spines.  None the less, their flowers are comparable in size and beauty!  That being said, they don’t tend to flower as much as San Pedros do, at least from my observations of our cactus. We sell both potted and rooted specimens as well as cuttings ready to be potted/rooted. Check out our Bridgesii here at  www.thesucculentsource.com  or www.gotcacti.com or on our www.Etsy.com site where we have a listing available


You can also email if you have questions or want to inquire about larger specimens.  We have our Bridgessii, San Pedros and many other beautiful cactus both living and thriving in the ground as well as in decorative pots around our property.  Cactus or cacti are not only fun and interesting, they are beautiful and will enhance any garden or patio placement you have in mind.


Bridgesii (achuma cactus)Trichocereus