San Pedros For Sale

We have potted and rooted San Pedros , from 12″ up to 4 feet tall.  We have cuttings as well, top cuts and middle cuts, ready to be potted and to bring you years of beautiful giant flowers!  Our nursery is licensed in the state of CA. and we can ship our San Pedros anytime of the year!

Email us at to discuss any quanity you want, our prices are the best around, and our quality is great as well.  We also carry Bridgesii for Sale, Peruvian Torches, and all the other Trichocereus cousins. dON’T HESITATE TO EMAIL US EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE BASIC QUESTIONS TO ASK,  and we can also take pictures of specific San Pedros if you’d like to purchase that way.


Pachanoi (san pedro)Trichocereus