Wedding Succulents make an awesome couple! Whether used as favors and dressed up to match the theme of your big day, or kept simple, succulents are a great addition for a number of reasons.  Let’s look at other favor types.  A bag of nuts, boring! A bag of candy, eaten or tossed, but always quickly forgotten!!  A shot glass engraved with your name…dusty in a drawer, cupboard or broken in a landfill.  I can go on…. Now think back to the last 1,2,5 weddings you attended, can you recall the favors you were given?  Chances are no.  At the Succulent Source, we don’t guarantee every guest will keep and nourish their succulent, but we do know from years of providing 100,000′s of these guys, that many of your guests will let you know down the road that your favor continues to live and be a daily reminder of your special day and commitment!  What a cool thing!  When a succulent gets too big, cut a piece/s off and replant them!  Give to your friends! Your favor keeps on giving! Chocolate on the other hand has turned to fat! Sweets to cavities. shot glasses to hangovers!

When used in bouquets, bouts, corsages, cake toppers, centerpieces, etc. your succulent cuttings don’t need to find their way to the trashcan, rather they also can be replanted, with new roots forming in 2-6 weeks!  Imagine not only having a photograph of your beautiful bouquet, but one or many of it’s flowers thriving in a beautiful container in your home, patio or garden! Wedding succulents are awesome!  Let love grow!  Succulents make great pets!

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