Potted Trichocereus cactus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc.

We have been growing and collecting cactus and succulents for a long time! We have lots of different types, this post is about trichocereus columnar types,  We have lots of established mini groves all over our 10 acres of nursery.  Many of them we can’t officially ID but we’ll begin posting them and maybe some cacti experts can help us out?

We sell potted and cuttings, here’s a few pics of some potted bridgesii for sale, as well as some potted Peruvian torches and Juul’s too.  Let us know what types of cactus and or succulents you are collecting, if we don’t have it, chances are we know someone who does.  These cactus are super easy to propogate, we provide a great FAQ on getting them rooted if you buy cactus cuttings .

We have longer lengths too.  Just send us an email at  thesucculentsource@gmail.com w/ questions/requests